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Rates and Services

You should always contact Matthew for a quote in the first instance (email me on matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk)

Complete professional Super 8mm cine production package. TAILORED to your film / TV productions needs and budget. This includes:

  • production meetings, planning, shooting, equipment supply and supervised telecine to your delivery preferences. – CONTACT ME For a Quote – matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk

General rates are below:

  • Meetings: £150 per hour
  • Matthew has a standard day rate of £300 for production planning and meetings (excluding travel)
  • Shooting Day (plus supply of Matthew’s Super8mm cameras) £500 12/hrs
  • Film stock – I source film stock from two places Gauge film in the UK and Pro8mm film in the USA – let me know your needs and I’ll liaise with both companies to provide the best solution for shooting stock, and high quality telecine.