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Super8mm and cine film like standard and regular 8mm, were popular in the 60s, 70s, 80s and in use right up to the early 90s.

The format has made a comeback in recent years, and has been used in actual TV and film production, either as part of the script or used because the unique ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that 8mm film can bring visually.

A lot of directors of photography and cameramen and women have never worked with cine cameras or Super 8mm film – indeed, many of the best cine cameras were out of production long before many of today’s most experienced DOPs were born.

So, if you’re looking to use 8mm in your film or TV show, you’ll need someone who knows the cameras, processing and telecine well, and can help your facilitate it best for your film or TV project.

Matthew Cooper ‘our super8mm expert’ (and BAFTA nominated scriptwriter and director) is a massive Super 8mm enthusiast and uses the format regularly – he can help your DOP or director or producer choose the right film stock, pick the right camera (and supply it) and expertly guide you through buying the stock, getting it processed and transferred to the highest quality.

If you’re using Super 8mm equipment IN THE DRAMA (on camera) itself as a prop – Matthew can make sure that the cameras and projector equipment is used in the most authentic fashion (within the scene itself).

If your project requires old footage transferring and telecine – Matthew can assist with advice and practical support too.

If you want to use Super8mm footage in your project (on screen) Matthew can assist your camera team with:

  • Supply working, fully serviced Super8mm cameras
  • Matthew can operate, shoot and (if needed) direct Super 8mm segments
  • Organise, source and oversea telecine – to the highest 4K transfer if required
  • Matthew can also assist with the organisation, edit and transfer of old footage which maybe required for your production (this includes Super 8mm and regular 8mm).

Matthew aims to be a one stop shop for all things cine and Super8mm for film, TV and video producers across the UK and Europe.