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Kit and equipment hire

I have a lot of Super 8mm kit – cameras, projectors, screens, editing viewers, splicers, stock footage – I even have a sound super 8mm print of Star Wars. Its pretty safe to say that I’ll have on hand any piece of kit that will be required for any production, to use as a prop or as part of the shoot.

When it comes to actually filming on Super 8mm there are three cameras that I have regularly serviced and always deliver fabulous results.

Full serviced ‘Shoot’ Ready Super 8mm cameras

  • Rhonda Cam

Below you can see the Rhonda Cam (actually a repurposed Canon camera) which was a recent purchase from Pro8mm in the USA.

The Rhonda Cam is a super reliable camera, and is effectively the closest thing to a new camera that the current Super8mm world can offer.

The ever ready, reliable Rhonda Cam
  • Bauer and Kragnosk

Below you can see two other cameras that I use (and have regularly serviced)

A classic all singing, all dancing Bauer and a very basic clockwork Kragnosk Super 8mm camera.

The Bauer offers all kinds of features – including a programme Zoom.

The Kragnosk, is a clock work Russian camera and offers something else – a more vintage feel.

Both cameras have their uses depending on the production.

Bauer Super8mm camera and the clockwork vintage Kragnosk
  • ‘Beryl’ Bongo – the Super8mm crew bus

And finally, when I’m working on location I use my trusty Mazda Bongo Crew bus ‘Beryl’ – I can sleep, eat and live quite happily in the crew bus, and it helps me transfer all my Super 8mm kit safety. The Bongo is a powerful four wheel drive and it means I can get to even the most remote locations without too much hassle.

‘Beryl’ the Bongo – the Super8mm expert Crew Bus.