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Sam Raimi on Super 8mm – the Incredibly Strange film Show

Indeed, Raimi’s big break the low budget horror classic The Evil Dead – actually was a super 8mm film first (called Within The Woods).  Raimi and producers Rob Tapert used the Super 8mm version to help raise money to make The Evil Dead proper.

Great news on the ALL new KODAK Super8mm camera – coming in 2022

As a Super 8mm camera expert for hire I bought Super 8mm magazine recently – a fabulous magazine written in both German and English – available from www.clickundsurr.de (look under books – you can subscribe and get four issues for around 60 Euros).

Using Super 8mm equipment on set in a low budget feature film

As a Super 8mm camera expert for hire its been a buys few weeks as I’ve been shooting some Super 8mm segments for a low budget feature film called ‘When the Earth gives up the Dead’ which is due out later in the year.