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Matthew Cooper is a BAFTA nominated scriptwriter / director and DOP.   He’s also the Super8mm expert behind this website and is available to hire as a Super8mm expert to photograph, advice and consult on all things Super8mm.

This service is chiefly available to producers, productions companies, broadcasters as well as DOPs and directors in the UK and European film and TV industry.

He makes sure that anything to do with Super8mm in your production is done right. This includes:

  • Shooting original Super 8mm footage for your production
  • Supervisor processing and telecine of Super 8mm footage for your production
  • Supplying Super 8mm equipment for your production
  • Helping in scene with Super 8mm props for your production (working or not)
  • Advising on any aspect of Super 8mm cine film use in your production

You can contact Matthew on – matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk – please mark your emails SUPER8mm.